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It's been a while, and a recent acquisition, unpacking, and general lack of happy posts is leading me to write this.

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So yeah, I need to get a hobby table next year. Can't do it this year, due to finances and the remains of my deposit being returned to my mortgage (which will, in term, save me monthly fees afterwards).
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Because my last entry about the collection is horribly outdated, a picture of each and every one of my cels under the cut.

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I'm actually surprised at how few cels I own. Don't get me wrong, I could finance nearly 5% of my appartment with it, but still. Meh, the collection is ever growing and will pick up again once I get my finances back under control. : D

I actually have a half-assed version with explanation, destination (anime) images and text and whatnot, but Word can't produce a proper site of it, and I'm too lazy to actually look for some decent software to counteract that. Deal! ; D
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Oh yeah, here it is. It's incomplete, but probably as complete as it gets, until something new arrives, It's gonna be a pain to keep this up to date. Anyway, I've singled out all cels, CD's and statues from the group picture. I'm too lazy to single out all posters and small fry. Anyway, to prevent heart attacks and other side effects caused by this collection, I've cut it down. ; D

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