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I've been trying to get back into my word-smithing. I've produced something Dutch and something (short) English. The latter was inspired by a Dutch poet that inspires me a lot.

Van mij

Je vroeg me een keer te vereren,
te schrijven hoeveel ik van je hou.
Je bent een veels te bijzondere vrouw,
maar ik ga het lekker toch proberen~

Je verwelkomde de Shampoo in mijn leven,
en maakte haar met tekeningen (deels) jouw eigen.
Ik vind het fantastisch ze van je te krijgen,
en hoop dat je ze zal blijven geven.

Ik ben op mijn slechtst als je niet bij me bent
maar op mijn best als ik bij jou mag zijn.
en denk dat jij dat gevoel nu ook wel kent.

De afstand tussen ons, zeer haalbaar per trein -
en dan in jouw armen, waar ik zo aan ben gewend,
zo'n situatie, kan ik nu zeggen, vind ik fijn.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Here I sit, lonely and sad,
pining for what I had
yesterday. Man, I've got it bad
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Not entirely sure what it is,
but something doesn't feel right.
My senses are quite amiss,
and my mind very much alight.

What's worse, while browsing my own,
The world´s worst idea wrought:
Create a new swanky neat poem
to explain my emotional train of thought.

Happiness comes from my future, so nice.
Nostalgy from entries and games of the past.
Anger about someone who messed with my head.

Saddened by loss of friends, happening twice.
So why in the world is my head so messed?
I should say "Fuck it", and just go to bed.

Hmm... That calmed that damn brain of mine down enough to call it a day. I shouldn't be writing entries at 1AM... ._.

#EDIT: DAMMIT ALEX! GO TO BED AND SLEEP! Do not stalk LJ's and definitely not your own! You'll find silly meme's and do them, too:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. music score: 5
2. chemistry score: 4
3. swimming score: 3
4. reading score: 3
5. london score: 2
6. tsukino usagi score: 2
7. legos score: 2
8. shopping score: 2
9. orlando bloom score: 2
10. art score: 2
11. fantasy score: 2
12. organic chemistry score: 2
13. movies score: 2
14. anime music score: 2
15. friends score: 2
16. scooters score: 2
17. periodic table of elements score: 2
18. south park score: 2
19. cowboy bebop score: 2
20. women score: 2

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.

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Apparently I am interested in Women. o_o
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A poetic goal in life )

Wow... That just came out, like that... Weird. XD
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Whenever we think that life is hard on us, we should really consider what we're putting our machines through.

(If we're lucky) We get 40 hours of work a week. A power plant is up 24/7.
We may have heavy work, but we don't have to lift millions of kilo's a day, we have a crane for that.
We like a job that challenges us mentally, how's about 3 billion calculations per second?
We consider ourself quite the artist, but we have chips that produce 120 pure vertex images, that's 120 times hundreds of shapes, thousands of lines, millions of pixels... Per second!

When have you last had someone do this all for you, and still not having to pay him anything for it? We're happy with a good 2000-3000 Euro's in a month. This buys you a good 3-4 computers of good caliber. Each one will perform above and beyond the call of duty, do what it is asked, unless we're too incompetent and blame it on a competent machine.

When was the last time your computer crashed, because you had a bug, or attempted to overclock your system because 3 billion calculations or 120 images weren't enough? The worst thing? I smash my keyboard, and I know millions of others do this as well. An innocent piece of hardware. And when it finally expires? We say that the producer of a fine, enduring piece of hardware, which can perfectly well do what it's meant to do, i.e. send signals of keystrokes to a processor, not being a punching bag, without even realizing it's not to blame for the fault in the first place...

Most of us take all these devices for granted. I am one of them, but today, when I realized my mainboard automatically overclocked itself because it could give more, I realize most of this equipment around here has been so faithful to me.

I thank my atomic clocks for always telling me the right time, plus or minus half a second, tops.
I thank my monitors, both of them, the one for displaying my data for over 5 years, after which it finally gave in, taking my relentless beatings for a good 6 months before passing out, the other for displaying it all, now, I hope I'll never have to do the same to this one.
My speakers, for playing my music, however bad in taste, however bad in quality.
I thank my light, for shining on me when it's dark outside.
I thank my modem and router, for letting me connect to a incredibly heavy-duty computer, which in turn connects me to the biggest network I've ever had, and ever will have.
I thank each and everyone of my data drives, for keeping over a Terabyte of data on storage, something I couldn't dream of doing.
I thank the giant laser that enabled me to see without ocular aids.
My webcam, for producing my ugly face on other people's monitors, and theirs, in turn, for showing me their faces. It brings the world so much closer...

And finally, my own computer, for letting me relentlessly torment it until parts will expire, in which case I will probably replace them without a second though.

Without ever remembering what it has done for me.



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