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I haven't heard actively from the mouse in a while. Little fucker has left me oversensitive to sound, so I'm still not sleeping very well, but I caught up pretty well over the weekend. Other than that, after a day's work, I managed to get an old game working again, which took up a lot of my remaining, conscious weekend. This game is Final Fantasy 7. The operating system is Windows 7. The final solution... not even that hard, surprisingly. All one really has to do to run Final Fantasy VII in Windows 7 is:
1. Install the game
2. Patch to 1.02
3. Install the latest Aali's Custom Driver (Which is also included in Remix, but this works better, apparently... For most people skipping steps 2 and 3 would've worked... Not me, of course!)
4. Install Final Fantasy 7 Remix

And that, as they say, is that. The Remix Mod contains a hell of a lot of awesome game upgrades which make the game even more awesome to play. I'm not sure if the damage breaker applies to everything in game (it does to limits, at least, and since I only made it to Nibelheim in the three limited days I got right now, I can't tell.

Anyway, this is what has kept me from enthusiastically flaunting my new-built apartment, in its glory. It's not finished yet, but I'm really thrilled about it now (apparently, not as thrilled as getting FF7 to work, which says more about the game than the apartment XD) - anyway, I took some pictures, which I'd gladly show, but the moment I get home, I pretty much have three things in mind - Clean the place (to prevent rodents from returning), do administrative stuff for the apartment, and game the rest of the day away.

A horrible revelation: I have packed up all my modeling and celling equipment, so I can take those with me ASAP. That means that even if I wanted to, I couldn't work on either my fancel (which STILL isn't finished!) or my statue (it's been over a year now!). I really need a drawing/hobby table in my apartment. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, just needs the basics, i.e. being able to tilt and having a level holder for my painting equipment.

The biggest challenge in terms of furniture will be my computer desk. I want to face my living room (which could be augmented by a beamer at one point) whilst sitting behind my desk, but I've only got 129 cm to work with. This means that I'm going to have to make some sort of quarter-circle style desk, which will need to be able to house my PC, two monitors (one should be able to face two different ways, because of the Wii), and myriads of CD's and DVD's. I'm definitely going to need a new desk chair (a fixed one without wheels) as this one is about ready to fall apart, much like its predecessor. I think I should go with a more sturdy one this time around, which will be more expensive, I fear.

Above this place there will be two shelves - one for my plush mice (irony~), and one for my books (it's not like I have a million of those), although I'm not sure if I want my books in the living room, mostly because they'll be exposed to sunlight there, which will damage the coloring. Instead I might move them to a book case in the sleeping room, but that'll be a last-minute decision. The glass desk I have right now will henceforth become a dining table - what it was originally made for - and I'm going to need an extra couch (or two) and a proper coffee table. I intend to also last-minute these pieces of equipment at Ikea (since the first couch is from there as well).

One corner will be dedicated to housing my brother, in case of emergencies. It's partially shielded from the rest of the room by supports, so it might work. The one downside is that the place is noisier than expected: I can hear the trains passing by much better than I thought, and there is an inbuilt air flow regulator (which I hope will be much quieter in night-time mode).

Amusingly, the bedroom is smaller than I imagined, which might get me into trouble, but that is something I'll find out about later, as well. For now, all I need to fit in there is a closet, my dumbbells, a bed and a night stand (and optionally a bookcase), which will work perfectly. As I purchase more gym equipment, however, this may prove to be a challenge.

So yeah, I got everything pretty much worked out, I think. I just hope I can make about 75% of it. Striving for 110%, of course. Like I said, the biggest challenge will be the computer desk. ^_~
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Ik zit hier nu al een halve dag mee, maar het zit me hoog, en ik moet dit even kwijt. Je DigiD... Dit is echt weer een van die lastige martelwerktuigen van onze "hardwerkende" overheid. Ik heb dat kreng eenmaal per jaar nodig, voor het invullen en versturen van mijn aangifte. Dit jaar is speciaal, in more than one way. Ten eerste wordt dit een aangifte waaraan ik eindelijk eens wat overhou, maar ook heeft de overheid voor de lol mijn account laten verdwijnen. Mijn username is vergeven aan iemand anders met dezelfde naam, maar een ander mobiel nummer.

Vorige week heb ik dus maar een nieuw DigiD aangevraagd, maar het wachtwoord dat ik ervoor moest gebruiken was dusdanig gecompliceerd dat nadat die ambtenaren 4 dagen naar mijn aanvraag hebben staan gapen, ik dat wachtwoord alweer vergeten ben. Inloggen via SMS (aangegeven tijdens het invullen) was uitgezet, en voor al die 99% die mijn herinnerbare wachtwoorden gewoon naar me toe zou kunnen mailen, is DigiD die éne procent die zegt: "Wachtwoord kwijt? Maak een nieuw DigiD aan." Die eikels houden zichzelf gewoon bezig op deze manier.

Nou is het doen van een aangifte niet bepaald een feestje, en zeker niet als je net een nieuw appartement hebt gekocht, want die idioten van de belastingdienst zullen je het niet makkelijk maken. Iets met "bureaucraten" en "slogans vol met leugens". Ik heb een heel aardige tante die hier verstand van heeft, en die zal mij nu niet goed kunnen helpen omdat ik dus niet mijn aangifte kan versturen. What's worse, de deadline voor een aangifte is 1 April, geen grapje.

Als tegenmaatregel heb ik nu mijn wachtwoord opgeschreven, aan mijn broertje verteld en gelijk gemaakt aan mijn eerste (niet huidige ; D) administratorwachtwoord op mijn werk. Al die extra karakters in mijn wachtwoord maken het er niet moeilijker op voor hackers, juist makkelijker. Misschien is dat wel wat ze bedoelen met "Leuker kunnen we het niet maken, wel makkelijker". Maar goed, ik hoop maar dat ik al dat werk van mijn tante ergens kan opslaan en ik dan over 5 dagen(!) alsnog een aangifte kan doen. ._.

I fail

Mar. 6th, 2012 08:24 am
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OK, so as it turns out, that blank feeling may very well have been genuine happiness. It's sad I did not properly recognize it as such. I woke up with a giant smile this morning and so far I'm still doing very well. XD

The reason why I fail, though is slightly different. After I feel I am no longer allowed to ridicule the US over their political mess, their broken health care and crooked managers (although you're still setting an example on that one, America), I can now no longer make fun of their geographical knowledge. I decided to test my knowledge, and see how many US states I could drill up off the top of my head. Turns out I can name a whopping 18/50, and I missed a couple of key ones. That's sad. ._.

AH! I nearly forgot: My 8-month-old issue with EA, about my €5 DLC, has been resolved! Not only that, but I got some sort of coupon as well. Turns out I will be buying Mass Effect 3, after all. Not shur if I'm buying the Digital Deluxe version or the regular version. The weapons sound alluring, but I'm not sure if they're worth a whopping €20 extra. It's not as if I've got infinite cash right now, but if they're anything like the ME2 extra weapons I might just go for it. ._.

More stuff happened yesterday that made me genuinely happy, but I'm not entirely sure if I should write about all of it. I did find my dentist bills, which entitle me to reclaim a couple of 100 €s from insurance. That makes me happy. :3


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