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Last night I had a slightly upsetting, but nonetheless wonderful dream about Shampoo. This would make my third dream that I could remember ever.

Anyway, the reason it was slightly upsetting was because I had a chance to explain to her how I felt. If I hadn't met Kitty in real life this dream would've felt a lot better, but I think a lot of the dream (specifically Shampoo's reactions) may have been inspired by her. Another part was clearly inspired by Breaking Bad, which I've recently been catching up with (which isn't really hard, seeing as that is over).

Dream on )

I already can't remember most of it, I'm mostly missing out on some of her reactions and some stuff we said, because when I woke up (next to Kitty) I couldn't help but wonder if the dream had been about her. I also felt kind of ashamed when I remembered it really wasn't. But then again, that was a dream, this is reality. We can both pretty much see the line in between.
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I had the weirdest dream with a not quite so weird realization this morning. I dreamed about my ex - we were getting back together and it was working out pretty well. Obvious Taylor Swift vibe and the fact that I've got someone else aside, I do miss her. I'm still really bummed out about her breaking all contact like that, I would have liked to remain friends. Maybe we could pick that up again, one day. We used to be so tight...

Funny though, I think the dream was triggered by a conversation I had in the train back home yesterday, with an ex-schoolmate who didn't even really know her that well. Her behavior was too much like Kitt's for me to take the dream any more serious than any other.

Epic News!

Aug. 25th, 2012 10:45 am
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I should be sleeping in, but there are things more important, even more important than the delivery date of my apartment. I need to chronicle this before I completely forget it, And I never want to forget this. Hell, I want it to happen again:

I dreamt of Shampoo! And I don't mean, just I saw her face, like I did the last time, I mean she played an active role. Since the dream is already fading:

As detailed a dream as I can remember, may it inspire me! )

I was expecting to sleep in. Now I'm tired. But it was worth it. Hell, same time, same channel tomorrow! ♥


Aug. 13th, 2012 08:34 am
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So yeah, the cat has been a lot more quiet last weekend - I only woke up four times between 1-5 on Saturday and possibly thrice on Sunday from 2-9. So now that that episode has ended (next weekend she'll be back at my brother's place), naturally a new one has already come to take its place. I am remembering my dreams. That's right, I've been trying so hard for the last 8 years to remember them, from meditation to a dream diary to pretty much everything, and now it just unexpectedly made its way into my life. Of course, now that I'm about to write about it, I've completely forgotten the dream of Saturday, but Sunday's dream is still there pretty much.

Cut for censorship: Includes guns, blood and gore )

There was more I wanted to write about, but I am still very preoccupied with those damn dreams. Dreams have always been kind of prescient to me - a great source of deja-vu, and I can't help but have this terrible sense of foreboding, even though both dreams were just ridiculous.
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A bootleg Famicon console from Thailand. My mother brought that for me and it got me through most of my teenage years. It broke when I was about... 14-ish? My aunt got me a new one less than a year later. That one either broke or "vanished". Then I had another one from some local garage sale, which didn't work well, and one more a year later that did work, but at the time I kinda quit playing. I still have that fourth one, though. I should really connect that, but these last three/four months... I really shouldn't bother.

What I should do though, is finally get my shit together and resume working on my cels/canvas/statues. There really is no reason to NOT finish them. The house really calmed down recently and I feel I'm getting my genki back. One would say that's a good thing, but apparently my subconscious disagrees. I had a dream that I had to return my remaining reserves (1/3rd of the apartment cost) to the bank, which would mean I could no longer afford it. The net result would be that I would never see the other 2/3rds back again, nor my apartment, which I wouldn't be able to afford. There's surprisingly little progress in the apartment. 3, 4 months to go and I haven't even seen it from the inside yet. I got a letter from the kitchen guys, but my crazy housemate took it with him by accident and he hasn't brought it back yet.

Speaking of money, the government is going to stop making traveling cost tax-deductible. This would mean that aside from a reasonably light (though significant!) mortgage, my soon-to-be single-born Internet/TV/Phone bill and the energy bill, I'm going to have to hand in over 300 Euro's a year in traveling expenses to a tax service that is displaying surprisingly little service for my taxes. It's funny how the government is trying very hard to 'encourage' labor, but discouraging travel to it. We're supposed to be living on top of our working location, I guess. Not only would that mean I'd live in the middle of toxic fumes, but I'd also be living in Barneveld, if you can call that living at all. Being shunted from the community because you've outgrown fairy tales that grown-ups still believe in. For living in the now, instead of after my death.

I can't seem to catch up with that last bit of extra sleep I need. The week before last week I shifted my hours by sleeping excessively in the (long) weekend, last weekend was also relatively long, and I managed to keep my hours 'regular'. However, last Friday I got a line from arguably the world's greatest Shampoo fanartist, Phillipe Poulin, also known as MegaPhilX and PhilShampoo. The works displayed on his site are but a selection, and after the year 2000 his amount of Shampoo fanarts went on a steep decline, but this year he's really picking it up. Since I made a reasonable name for myself as a Shampoo fan (STILL proclaiming myself the world's number 1! Ego!), he turned to me for inspiration. Amusingly, I've recently updated my DeviantART, and he was intrigued by a work of mine called Pure Beauty. He has already released a colored re-trace of the image and I have to admit, I love it to bits.

He added me to MSN, and ever since, I've spent my evenings and parts of my nights catching up with his past and his works, and likewise he's been catching up with mine. It's like I've got a twin brother from Canada, albeit more successful and married with a Chinese woman. REALLY? I SO JELLY dammit! Anyway, he showed me a lot of his 'rejected' works, which were stunningly beautiful, so I've spent the entirety of last night creating an homage wallpaper to him, featuring four of this works on a nostalgic under-layer. He was impressed with the first concept, and, to be honest, I was, too. With his blessing, I might upload it to my DevART (and show it off here).

Games, ah yes, there's that. I've dropped DDO for a while again, playing Audition on-and-off, finished Assassin's Creed 1, started Assassin's Creed 2... And then Steam came up with another indie game offer, and I ended up buying and playing Cave Story +. Cave Story was an awesome freeware game, and the new updated graphics, new music and added features did not take away enough nostalgy for me to not WANT NAO! Two screens, so one screen is reserved for people chatting with me, the other for Cave Story, and both feature the test-drive wallpaper of my homage. It's been a hectic, but not at all stressful week so far.
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1) Do you remember your dreams? I've started remembering again recently. Not a lot, but a damn good start. It's also been helping me clear my mind.
2) Do you dream in color or black and white? Who dreams in B/W? Nostalgic people? Colorblind people?
3) What is the scariest dream you have had? My last nightmare. Rated top 1 out of everyone I've had so far. In the back of my head, another one is waiting to be released, but it hasn't so far.
4) What is the weirdest dream you have had? My regular feverish delirious dream. They feature me running through a wood of poles, chased by a giant, but in the end I meet up with him and everything turns out ok. Since this is partially a delirium, I can actually sense everything in this dream, from the small sticks under my feet snapping, to the scent of the artificial wood. It's odd and awesome at the same time.
5) Have you ever had a dream come true? I regularly do. Some dreams that I remember are only fragments of happenings, which only start making sense when they are completed by it happening in reality. Others I only remember having them while or after they actually happen. I've been known for finishing sentences in conversations I'm not even a part of. XD
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So I started watching Supernatural season 1 last thursday. I'm at episode 5 right now, watching roughly 2 eps a day. Since the day before I started watching, I witnessed three family members dying in dreams in freak ways. The first two weren't too upsetting, they were expectable, potentially possible scenario's, although my mother's did weird me out. But last night was exceptionally fearsome. I watched myself strangle my brother, in first person. It's starting to get worse, I think. Not sure if Supernatural's the cause of it, after all, it started the night BEFORE I started watching it and I had no clue what to expect, but I have been known to have deja-vu dreams.

I needed to say something this morning, but I was too upset to actually do it, and now I feel remorse.


Nov. 10th, 2010 05:25 pm
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I've decided to go preemptive, and canceled my application. I'm also going to take a break from applying until I'm more sure about what I want. Three things are certain: No superlong working days, no long lonely travels during which I can't play games/watch anime, and no laboratories.

I had a really weird dream last night. I was holding something above my head and black blood-like stuff came out. I woke up and tossed my Shampoo plushie on the floor for some reason. It may have been a sign, maybe not. I don't really care, as long as I don't go tossing plushies of Shampoo on the floor again!
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It has happened! I've had my first Shampoo dream that I could remember! In a karmic gesture I accidentally turned my alarm off yesterday and overslept, but I don't care. Unfortunately I can't completely recall the dream anymore, but it did involve a ring of sorts and a lot of consideration. I think I need to continue my efforts to lucid dreaming. ^_^

#EDIT: Silly LJ-Mobile. What use is the location field if you can't fill it in on Mobile anyway? XP
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I had a dream about miss Chica last night. I miss her. Much. Daan is a lousy replacement.

I need the job, I decided I should get a new computer after all this trouble. Another deskie, of course. Deskies win all. I'm still waiting for a reply from DSM.

The guy who sold me the processor is throwing up a fight about whether it should have worked. I was looking for one, so I'll take him on. He'll refund or it's definite neg feedback for him.

I'm totally hooked to Trickster. It's a freeware Ragnarokish MMORPG. You play a guy with animal traits, kinda anthroish. The creature you choose to be determines your profession. You also have to drill/dig a lot.


May. 9th, 2006 12:34 pm
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OK, so I had the first division meeting this morning. We're the best division when it comes down to net revenue, and quite frankly, I'm surprised to hear that. This meeting was NOT organized. I mean, I'm not organized, but the meeting was WAY worse. How a division keeps standing with this kind of organization is a mystery, even to me.

Either way, I'm getting on with a literature report, and it's going ok. I'm just a bit afraid it'll get turned away when I hand it in. Of course, I'm gonna let Marc check it, but I have my doubts. About the report, about my coordinator, about this company. I'm still pretty sure this is not the place I wish to work when this whole ordeal is over. Will someone please explain to me why I'm still smiling?

Must be the Garfield strips and my freedom of internet usage, combined with an unhealthy dose of Shampoo. I'm still pretty whee about winning that item for that price, or winning it at all for that matter.

I swear, Postbank is weird. They have three types of international wire transfers, and 8 different amounts to pay. First of all, I can't remember ever making an account for international wire transfers, but if this works, I might just do it more often. Second, it is still very unclear what kind of account I have for IBANing. Third is that the basic account (which I expect I have) charges no funds for basic wiring as long as it's within EU boundaries, and the charges (what charges?) are paid 'shared'. So yeah, since I didn't know what the charges were going to be (and I still don't XD), I set the charges to OUR, meaning I will pay for the charges. Or at least, so I hope. So far nothing more than the funds I needed to wire have been subtracted, so I might be lucky. Maybe they just don't understand it themselves, either XD

Oh, and I had the weirdest dream. I was in school, waiting for the result on my last few ECTS, so I could get my diploma when I'd be done with my internship. I knew for some reason my paper was the best I was handing in. Everyone so far had gotten 6's or higher, so basically, I was quite assured of myself. Naturally, Piet was the teacher and he handed me back a 5. With a big grin on his face. I explained him I needed this mark to be better than that, because I was getting near my end date of the internship (which was weird, because the entire class was here...). He just smiled and said "Try again next year". My dynamite self came into action and I went cursing him and screaming at him and in the end I turned away and walked. Then he shot me in the back with a semi-automatic weapon on burst fire (three shots auto), and the dream ended.

And so did I, most likely O_o

I've been sleeping very bad lately. I need to work on ECTS again anyway. But I want to end the company assignment first, so I'm kinda waiting for (uh-oh) Piet to give us a mark for the whole happening, and if it's a 5 and he even dares crack a minor smile at me, I'm punching him K.O. He's been a total ass all along, and he'll just be asking for it.

After that, Organization. Ils, I'm gonna need you for that one. I can't remember where I put my files. Go me. I'm gonna look, but I doubt I have the latest version anyway.

Perhaps I should just check my list whether I got a mark already, but somehow, I doubt it.

Also, because I don't want to work yet I stole one of hels quizzes )


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