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And here we go! )

Yeah, I know. Not many pictures. I didn't get around to ask many people. I'm still sad the next con's so far away. ._.

Also, I bought Bangai-O Spirits today. It's even harder than Contra 4. And it's very awesome.


Sep. 29th, 2008 07:13 pm
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I was the first on the 'Nai forum. : D

Lemau - Abunai 2008 Cosplay Pics
Lemau - Animecon 2008 Cosplay Pics

So few people took pictures of me! ._.

Honorary mention to the only decent AMV submitted this year:

The rest was crap anime, yaoi, or worse (with the exception of the FF7AC AMVs). If I can get enough material I'm gonna make a Yuri AMV for the next Abunai AMV contest. Suggestions are MORE THAN WELCOME! ♥
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Part 2 )

Also, explanation for the REPPUKEN in the title:

(You might want to turn down the sound a wee bit. This vid got me in a half-hour gigglefit.)

In other news: I punched myself in the eye last night, in my sleep. The sting in my eye kept me up for an hour and a half. ._.

I'm finally not feeling it anymore though.
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Here's Anime 2008 summarized in an ACMV, which is a new term, I think, for AnimeCon Music Video. I rock. Also, thanks to Uvin. Without him, this idea would have never occured. Gem has dibs on the first picture. ^_~

Zoro x 4⅓ )

Ah yes. The complete adventures of Mau can be downloaded here. I was too lazy to edit the pics one by one. The movie was easier to prepare (not to render, though), I batched the pics and RAR'd them. ; P

More to come. XD

Work tomorrow...
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Click Anime 2007, click on the cow, anime 2007 (the one in the upper left corner). I was in the "Zaterdag" album. Numbers 1264 and 1265. : D

The drag of everyday has got me again. Time to clean up my room, resume my (losing) dispute with insurance and the whole job thing, which still hasn't booked much progress yet. Heh.

Hiro: As for the new cam, it may have to wait until things settle down a bit, financially. I'll try my brother's cam, but it probably won't be much better. >_<

I'll post a list of the people I want to cosplay in the near future soon, mostly for me to keep track.
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Mostly fun. : D

Pictures, pictures and more pictures with little explanation! Clicky! (No Mau yet) )

Yeah. I had a lot of fun. : D
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Yes, the color on the booklet was way different than the one on the flyer. Whocares? : D

And my first return train was 10 minutes late. JAMMER DAN JOOSTJE! DAT WORDT WEER DOKKEN!


So yeah. Funeral tomorrow. I feel surprisingly calm...


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