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Last night I had a slightly upsetting, but nonetheless wonderful dream about Shampoo. This would make my third dream that I could remember ever.

Anyway, the reason it was slightly upsetting was because I had a chance to explain to her how I felt. If I hadn't met Kitty in real life this dream would've felt a lot better, but I think a lot of the dream (specifically Shampoo's reactions) may have been inspired by her. Another part was clearly inspired by Breaking Bad, which I've recently been catching up with (which isn't really hard, seeing as that is over).

It starts out with me doing some police job. I'm hot on some guy's tail, but I need to lay low for a while (wasn't I the good guy?). I head to a place where I can do this, not sure if it is home or some other place that was organized). The interior looks a lot like a combination of my mother's old place and my current place if you'd take out the bedroom, and mirrored. Essentially the entry hall was one big kitchen, with a couple of counter tops in the corner, upon one sat, gazing on me, Shampoo. At first I actually felt like I fell through some kind of rift in space or something, but I pretty much knew what was going to happen next. I walked straight at her, looking at her face (she was magnificent as always) and I told her I loved her. She looked at me with a puzzled. In retrospect, she might just not have understood me, but I think that unclarity was taken away as I casually lift her off the counter top and we proceed to get into this movie-esque hug where I've lifted her above my head and we're turning on the spot whereas the 'camera' is turning the other way. The rest amusingly kind of became a blur, but I couldn't help waking up with a smile on my face.

I already can't remember most of it, I'm mostly missing out on some of her reactions and some stuff we said, because when I woke up (next to Kitty) I couldn't help but wonder if the dream had been about her. I also felt kind of ashamed when I remembered it really wasn't. But then again, that was a dream, this is reality. We can both pretty much see the line in between.


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