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Haven't updated in a while, and stuff happened. Mostly, I helped my girlfriend sell some stuff on the Bazaar in Beverwijk. It was my first go at attending a stand for three consecutive days, albeit 'short' days. I was still completely broken after the third day. It was good training and we got a couple of things from the 'black market', as they call it: Two awesome dragons with removable swords, new cartridges for the printer which had been failing his prints with the internet-ordered ones and a campaign setting book for D&D - Eberron. The printer actually worked fine with the new, dirt cheap ones.

Last weekend we visited a 3D-printing demo, which was surprisingly informative. Girlfriend doodled a quick Shampoo and the guy behind the stand photographed and 3D-Printed it. All with Apple gear too, I must add! Now, I've never been as big an Apple hater as I may have pretended to be (although I despise the fanboys), but that was flat-out impressive. The whole program was developed in C++, and with a KickStarter campaign, they actually managed to get funding for a device that will help people to both easily Doodle 3D-stuff and send it to a home-made printer.

The Animecon is coming up. I've got the saddening feeling that this will be the last con I will visit as an actual visitor. I'm not even really looking forward to it anymore.

A 3D-Printer. This is what most of them looked like. The printer heads differed per machine though. Some were 'pimped', some were equipped with one (some even with TWO!) coolers to speed up the plastic hardening. If I ever were to make one, I'd definitely include coolers.

Their first successful Doodle3D test print. He was surprised no-one had stolen it yet. XD

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