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Last weekend I went to the EFF in Haarzuilens. My girl had a stand there (as she regularly has on conventions). I generally assisted her, but I also did a small walk around a part of the place, and was forced to end the tour prematurely as my wallet was getting lighter with ever stand I was passing. XP

I got a nifty d20 in a necklace and a pretty awesome looking sword, along with some other stuff, and took a whole of six pictures.

Steampunk guy. Looked awesome. There were tons of Steampunks around.

VERY epic looking witches. It was pretty damn hard to shoot a picture with everyone walking into the damn picture.

OK, I am by NO means a fan of the royal family, so the succession of our queen doesn't interest me in the least, I think orange is the worst color ever and I am appalled by the lack of purple in our nation's flag. But these costumes were super-awesome.

Loved how the colors looked on her. That is all. XP

The kids were ever walking around like puppets. It was awesome. XD

Dude was asking for a picture. XP

I had a lot of fun there, but I was really drained at the end, and even today I'm still not completely recovered. XD
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