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Well, it's finally over for the next 360-ish days. And I wish there was anything I could complain about, but our birthdays went pretty awesome. There was no family drama whatsoever and I got SUCH awesome gifts I just HAD to brag about them as if I were 12 years old. XD

OK, so first off is this epic crossover fanart of my beautiful goddess and my favorite 2010's game series created especially for me:

My girl created a really cute Shampoo plush, and combined that with a really impressive gift package:

(She also gave me a couple of small paintbrushes, for painting resin kits. :3)

A friend of my girlfriend created this combination work of our respective obsessions:

I also got a drawing table (so I can start celling and building resin statues again! ^_^), with a light and a shirt, and my brother hung up some paintings for me:

AND he got me an IKEA coat rack, and repainted it with GORGEOUS Audi Purple. It is a wooden coat rack but has a metal look and feel. So much win!

It's a weird combination of scary and awesome to see how easily I was accepted by Kitt's friends and family. Words cannot describe how much I love her.

(But that won't stop me from trying, every once in a while XP)
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