Feb. 4th, 2013 07:31 pm
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It's been a while, and the last 1½ week have been pretty eventful, so here's essentially what's been happening in this past month.

First off, it's official: Alex has a girlfriend. I'm not even sure where to begin describing her awesomeness, and I'll have to keep it short, but I will give it a shot. First off, as I mentioned before, she is a free spirit - an artist, an observer, a teacher, a student. She may just have the most beautiful eyes I ever gazed into, which is kind of hard, as I've seen my share of stunningly gorgeous ones. She's OK with Shampoo, which is a very rare quality as girlfriends go. I can't describe her too overly well on here, because she's reading this and this might inflate her ego too much. ; P

The past two weekends we have really gotten to know each other a lot better, and I have to say, I'm a little addicted. She doesn't really see herself as a gamer, but we have lots of fun gaming together. To illustrate: Last weekend we spent a lot of time shooting zombies in House Of The Dead 2 Wii, and she's very good at it. We made it through to the Magician boss in the end, but some bad stuff happened last week and I had to depart way too early.

We share the same birthday/year, and she already turned that into a webcomic series. We also use that opportunity to improve on her drawing skills and my communication skills. She's better at improving than I am. XP

As per usual with ol' Lem, with the heavenly highs come hellish lows. Some of which I can't disclose here (but it includes a HUGE miscalculation on my behalf, which will haunt me for some time to come), but the other main points last week were that my father had a break-in in his car and subsequently worried himself into a hernia. Also, my brother's cat, which really wasn't his, but he had it for the last 18 months or so, has passed away. She had a good life, especially the aforementioned last 18 months, but it did not make her passing any easier for him. She will be missed.

I went to a pound in Utrecht last Friday to look for a kitty for myself. It was my first time in a pound. I never really like pounds because of my empathy. The moment I see a cat's sad eyes I want to save it, even though the saving might be a curse in disguise. I went there because they had a beautiful long-haired Balinese, which I instantly fell in love with. Unfortunately she'd need attention 24/7 or she'd wither. This is something I can't give her as I work 40 hours a week. I did meet three other cats. The first just wasn't a match, the second would be a project cat (adjustment), which would've worked if I'd've had a day to get to know her, rather than an hour.

The third was a sad story. Joekel (the most accurate translation would be 'whopper') is a BIG cat. Not big as in fat, just... Massive torso, big head and enormous claws. Gorgeous beast. The moment we saw each other there was chemistry. He crawled into my lap and started kneading instantly. I asked if this cat was fit for indoor life, and the keeper told me a garden was 'recommended'. I asked if I could draw the conclusion that he might be fit for indoor life then, and the keeper would ask another keeper that knew Joekel better. In the time it took her to get this information, Joekel had found a proper position on my arm and lap and had really made himself comfortable. Unfortunately 'recommended' means 'must have' in a pound and I had to say goodbye. I left with a mixed feeling. I really enjoyed having been around cats for a while, but leaving without a kitty made me sad.

The latter really puts my current mood to words. I'm not sure if I am happy or sad, but I am damn sure glad I've got someone that cares for me (which makes it sound like my readers don't care - not what I mean, I hope you guys understand that XP).
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