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OK, so recently, my motivation to work has somewhat faltered... This led to an increase in the amount of Tweets I put out during work time, and obviously I was called on it. My manager was even less than displeased at my recent performance, and I can't say I blame him. But recently, only bad shit happened to me in terms of productivity. I hit a major programming snag, I got really, really annoyed at the internal education system we have going right now (which, incidentally, led to the Tweets that pissed people off substantially), and worst of all, officially, I'm no longer allowed to support my program off-site! (This wouldn't have impacted my motivation as much if it wasn't backed up with two very shitty reasons, which I might rave on about later in a protected post.)

OK, so... fine, I got called on my actions and like I said, I actually agreed as I deserved it - My wish to become a programmer wasn't exactly accentuated by my recent actions and in my humble opinion, I'm lucky to have gotten off with a warning (albeit a very stern and somewhat frightening one). This all happened Friday, last week. Monday I still had not completely recovered from my experiences, and those that know me know that I rub in my own shortcomings a LONG time, but "insult" really got added to self-injury when I got presented with my "moving gift" (which I wasn't expecting in the first place). Apparently the guys at work chipped in to get me something I Tweeted something about a really gorgeous image that would look good on a canvas. One of my colleagues picked up on that and had it made...

I have to be honest, it was hard to not burst into tears there and then. I already felt like the world's greatest douche at the time, and this... This is the best present I have ever gotten. Ever. Hell, I still wept manly tears of manliness, but after I got home. I put her up that same Monday evening and she's been giving me new inspiration every day since:

Sometimes I really tend to forget I work there for the awesome colleagues!
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