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It's been a while, and a recent acquisition, unpacking, and general lack of happy posts is leading me to write this.

So yeah. I finally unpacked my unbuilt Shampoo resin kits.

Good morning, sweetie~

First off, allow me to brag about what I've already built (and some gachapons):

Left to right, top to bottom:
  • Shampoo on the beach: a bootleg from a set of Ranma, Akane and Shampoo on the beach. I still want to get the original one day, but I don't really need either Akane or Ranma with that.
  • Shampoo '91: Shampoo in a one-piece with her "candy" bracelet. Originally, the one-piece is supposed to be white and semi-see-through. For multiple reasons I rejected that idea and went with this yellow. In retrospect, this one-piece (if canon) is supposed to be red with yellow butterflies on it. I might change it one day.
  • Shampoo: This one has no date mark, but this is the official Musasiya version. I used to have a PVC bootleg laying around somewhere. Not sure where the shoe in her hand went...
  • Shampoo III: I gotta say, I love the hair on this one. It's perfect. Not to mention the rest. I'd say this is the best case Musasiya has delivered so far. The only thing that upsets me slightly (and the same goes for 90% of the resin kits of her) is that she's wearing the short dress. Still... love it. Put her on a rotating pedestal, and it was a hell of a job to get her to stand dead center of the pedestal.
  • Shampoo '93: For the record, she never wore the bikini with her "candy" bracelet. (another side-note: The "candy" bracelet actually contains three different strengths of love potion. I modeled her bikini after the bootleg kit, which in turn thanks her bikini to a poster I have of her. The different shades of blue look well on her. :3
  • Shampoo IV: As you can see, this kit was not constructed by me, but loved no less. Her outfit is from the second movie. Colors are all wrong, but a different kind of paint was used and really, I don't care. She looks stunning. See that piece of jewelry at her ankle? She never actually wore that. Ever. XD
  • Shampoo A: This outfit is her manga outfit, which is damn hard to imagine with colors when it is completely black and white. These seemed like a nice approximation. Blades have broken off quite a lot and need some re-painting. On my list. XD
  • Shampoo II: Strangely did not come with a serving tray, but that is as intended, apparently. Love her outfit although Musasiya saved some expenses by making the dress solid. Big who cares! Maid oufit looks gorgeous on her! Her instructions come with the most adorable chibi image of her. Requires a redraw/fancel one day.
    Quick note: A gachapon is usually retrieved from one of those grabbing arm machines, but are often sold on eBay and the likes afterwards, which is where I come in.
  • Shampoo Neko Gachapon: Based on an image I don't have at hand, with Shampoo in her fur. I love this one.
  • Shampoo serving dumplings Gachapon: I'm really missing her maid outfit. This one is falling over slooowly due to her being top-heavy.
  • Shampoo kissing Ranma Gachapon: Seriously? If I could, I'd take Ranma's hair off, so that it'd resemble me. I'm obsessed like that. :3
  • Neliel Tu Oderschvank ("Utae, Gamuza!"): I know, not exactly Shampoo material, but when I saw her fight Nnoitora, I was like... "o_o This is Shampoo with green hair!" - Adorable, loving, strong, turns into a different character, tough as nails and can only be beaten by sucker-punches.
  • Shampoo keychain: Pretty much self-explanatory.

These can be found on my desk:

  • Shampoo PVC Gachapon: This one is on my desk for obvious reasons. Those that know me well enough know that I friggin' LOVE her season 1 battle outfit. Not to mention that's she's overly cute. :3
  • Shampoo 97: Like Shampoo IV, this one came pretty much pre-constructed. No footpiece, no chui and one of her hair strands was missing. The one thing that REALLY got to me was that her dress was dark blue (non-canon) her eyes were (and still are) blue (non-canon!) and her HAIR WAS GREEN (ABSOLUTELY NON-CANON!!!11). "Luckily" she broke apart during mailing and I could re-paint her. The footpiece was a sample piece of PVC I got from some sort of excursion, and she's just SLIGHTLY too top-heavy. The result is a severely busted thumb (breaks every fall) and a severely destroyed neck. The latter requires a definite new layer of paint. SOON, okay? This is the last resin kit Musasiya produced, as far as I know. And the prettiest one. :3

And this is what is still ahead of me, but I need to get a decent hobby table first:

  • First off is the biggest failed fan-cast: Her head is WAY oversized. I considered tossing her away, but I literally picked her back out of the trash the moment I tossed her in there. Stupid Shampoo-obsessed brain is dead-set on fixing this if I can. I really hope I can. XP
  • Shampoo V: Not a high-priority one, but still really cute. I need to find a replacement band for her messenger purse thingy. She comes with one of those ball-chain thingies.
  • Shampoo (y): Shampoo with bo and Shampoo-Neko. Pretty straight-forward. Looking forward to building this one.
  • Shampoo 95: If I'm not mistaken, this is the last Shampoo resin kit Musasiya released. A higher priority, but I want to do some 2 or 3 resin kits before her to get the knack again. This one is the Shampoo kit with the most pieces. (Fun fact: For the final boss of resin kits, I have a ~200 piece Belldandy/Holy Bell kit (from Ah~ Megami-sama~))
  • Shampoo Waitress: My latest addition~ First time I saw this one, ever. Not a high-priority piece, but a welcome addition.
  • Shampoo (z): A work in progress. Been working on her for the last 18 months. Why? Because there was no time to relax and properly work on her. ._. SOOOOON!
  • Shampoo with bo fancast: This! I just need to find a better bo, that plastic thing is a piece of shite. Needs wood. High priority. This is one of those "soon" kits.
  • Shampoo on the beach: I HAD to have this one. I have a manga pic of this kit. Essentially it's Shampoo in a bikini throwing back her hair. DAT HAIR! *_* (also a lot of pieces!)
  • Shampoo YAY!: Aside from Shampoo, nothing special. Shampoo in bikini and what appears to be in her red shoes for some reason holding a fist in the air in victory. Will require a lot of sanding, and I'll see if I can salvage her feet (probably supposed to have toes...)
  • Shampoo and Happosai, the panty thief: Shampoo in a one-piece and a solid cast of Happosai with an enormous bag of panties.
  • Shampoo Special: Shampoo on her knees looking cute. These eyes are going to be a real challenge. ._.
  • Shampoo, sitting, hands on her knee fancast: This is by FAR the best fancast, and I will start on her soon. Based on an old artwork of her, recreated with her Season 1 battle outfit. ^_^

    So yeah, I need to get a hobby table next year. Can't do it this year, due to finances and the remains of my deposit being returned to my mortgage (which will, in term, save me monthly fees afterwards).
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