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Nov. 12th, 2012 09:09 am
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While this weekend sucked ass, I did learn a couple of valuable lessons.

First off, never buy an SSD that you intend to use as boot disk if your BIOS simply cannot support that. It crashes your barely used SSD. Yep, I've currently got 256 gigs of flash memory that I can't use. Unfortunate, but such is my life - unlucky.

Second, updating your BIOS is very easy. As long as you have the means to do so. A crashed SSD with gibberish data on it does not qualify as the means.

Third, no matter how awesome cookies are, SERIOUSLY learn that you cannot always bake them in the way that you want. Langues de chat do not shape well. I wasted about a quarter of my cookie dough. The rest was pretty salvageable.

Ah, and I'm not yet ready for Windows 8. The new interface is (in my humblest of opinions) not meant for PC's. It's nice if you want to turn your desktop into an over-sized tabled (provided your monitor supports touch screen), but if you're a simple gamer, like myself, Windows 7 will suffice.

And something I already knew: Do not pre-emptively format your old HDD. Turns out your entire computer might collapse (thus wasting both your Saturday AND your Sunday replacing motherboards and checking connections) and you may have to end up putting everything back and running your old system. But that's all working again. I just lost a weekend and had the chance to experience DDO on an SSD, which was by lack of better words: awesome. Zone load times (up to 90 seconds on first load, HDD) took 5 seconds, maximum. I still randomly disconnected though, so I can now eliminate the motherboard, memory, operating system and disk speed as issues.


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