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While I must admit I have been triggered, none of this stuff is meant as a personal insult. If you decide to take this personally, you might want to see this as a point of improvement. That said, here's a couple of things I can't stand:

Ugh, by the goddess. I already hate it when people make promises verbally (unrecorded), but when people promise shit on TV or in the newspapers that they obviously can't make true - you've failed as a proper human and you need to remove yourself from this world. There's no saving you if you willingly and knowingly mislead people into believing in you, and you screw them over, time after time. It's no wonder they make blenders too big for your mouth, or someone would've seen if they could blend your tongue to a mushy pulp. However, this is also partly to fault to your backers, who somehow seem to be able to not stick a fork in an electrical outlet or see what happens when you put your head in a plastic bag. So segueing like a motherfucker:

People who have 99 children
I get it. You want to prolong your progeny, you're a stupid person (M/F) who can only sit at home and need something to do, or the higher echelons of your religion are so concerned with people walking out on you that they're asking you to produce a whole community on your own. There are tons of reasons why you shouldn't procreate (abundantly, or in some cases, at all): You take no responsibility. You can't actually afford a proper education (or you simply refuse to give your child one, in which case you need to die in a fire even more so than regular), in some cases, you can't even feed your children, or worse: you become an incapable manager just to "earn" enough to feed your family of 12. I can only hope that fatal car crash comes swiftly, although that would get us 11 more people in welfare. I hope you're proud of yourself.

The aforementioned managers
Incapability isn't a crime. Not everyone's cut out for the job they do. This is why it's a good thing many companies are flexible. Unfortunately a lot of the aforementioned companies have managers that... Well... Aren't team players. Actors, sure. Self-centered assholes, absolutely. Actual managers, capable of managing? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of managers capable enough to run their department or company, but I really wonder how well they'd manage in a giant pool. Especially when I tie a giant rock around their necks. I might in some most cases actually replace the rock with a suitcase full of money - their monthly pay. Hell, the rock could be used for something useful, unlike you.

A financial crisis is nothing more than people taking money from places where they shouldn't. In normal places, like outside a board room, this is called 'theft'. As soon as you get behind those mahogany doors with golden knobs, it's called a 'bonus' for doing such a GOOD JOB. Not entirely sure where the border lies between doing a good job or a bad one. Then there are those people that watch graphs all day. They steal money by 'investment', and somehow always are capable of walking away with a big bag of money. If they're suddenly losing money, they just scream out loud that a company is doing bad, and people will sell their stocks cheap. At one point the reserves of the company are gone, and with the next financial bump in the road, they screech out of control and hit the bankruptcy tree. This mental imagery I'd like to see put to practice, but I like trees too much for these fuckers to drive their blood-Audi's into them. A massive carbon-monoxide poisoning sounds good. Might even diminish fossil fuel costs for a while, especially when the managers there perished as well.

Greenhouse gases
One might wonder how this relates to people. Whenever one mentions greenhouse gases, one thinks of CO2, which isn't incorrect, as much as it is incomplete. Carbon Dioxide is the least harmful on the list, provided there are enough trees to absorb the CO2 and they use the carbon for cellulose, releasing the O2. Ozone layer? If you'd even do a LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH, you'd see that freons and (indirectly) methane are the main causes of ozone depletion. Not to mention that unlike inert CO2, these things cause cancer. THESE are the evil gases. Reduce CO2 all you like - you're only killing trees and humans alike. Here's a suggestion: Why not start with yourself.

I respect women. I respect men. I respect every living being, from elephants and sperm whales to ants and house flies. Most of these creatures live in harmony with their surrounding, which is why they're able to survive. This respect comes bred with the species. However, there is one race of creatures that is so self-centered, it is bound to end itself within the short run, rather than the long run. I wouldn't object to this natural process as much if I wasn't one of them. To make matters worse, these idiots are SO self-centered that they're making a distinct difference in sexes. Seriously? Men hating women should not be able to find a mate to procreate and would diminish in one single generation. Women hating men could essentially grow an infant on their own, but would still only produce 50% of women to induce their hate onto.

But there are weak women and there are weak men. These people pair up wonderfully with the haters, and somehow it seems to work out. And when one weak sex starts to get stronger and pick up picket signs that say they're no longer going to take it, the haters of the same sex turn this whole ordeal into a giant sexist exhibition. Amusingly, something they're supposed to be opposed to. The other sex promptly responds by making their own activist group, and instead of quelling the differences between sexes, only amplify them. I have no problem with people getting stronger, this is as it should be, but people who actively promote sexism need to cool down. In liquid nitrogen. This is as it should be, too. Likewise, people hating all members of the opposite sex because they're not assertive enough to realize they're just dating jerks/bitches need to open their eyes and see the shit they're shoveling into their own lives.


Trends, the lack of sex/age restrictions thereof and vice versa
Now here's something that gets my blood boiling instantly. It is ok for people to wear Uggs even though they look like shit for 8-year olds and people know this. It's cool for a guy to wear purple, but only in the winter of 2010. Why? Because it was fashion then. Fuck that. Because of this, purple sweaters cost twice their regular amount during that time, and now are only available to women, amusingly not fitting me, because those things are made to house a lower but wider chest. This last bit is as it should be - women simply have a lower and sometimes more expansive chest, I get it. But the only reason I can't seem to be able to score a proper purple sweater is because men apparently aren't allowed to wear them, due to fashion nazi's. Good going assholes. Thanks for limiting my choice of clothes to shitty brown and whatever color is hip this time of year. May I recommend something in bloody red? It doesn't matter if they don't have that in store. I know where you can get some dies... Err, dyes.

But this whole thing is not just limited to clothing. I can't watch anime because "for kids", but it's okay to watch an old cartoon because "nostalgia". Hell, it's all right for me to watch GI-Joe or M.A.S.K. from the 80's, and I can even go to those modern travesties that are the modern movie variants of these cartoons, but heaven forbid I watch My Little Pony. Now, as many people know, I don't really care about the "for kids" reasoning, and the day I watch GI-Joe is the day I claw my eyes out, but the people who would learn the most from Friendship Is Magic are the aforementioned nay-sayers. A stab to the throat might cure their ills. It just seems like something a friend should do. Relieve their suffering. Of stupidity.

Had to be done.
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