Jun. 3rd, 2013

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Long story short: The Hague just doesn't have the same feel that Almelo did. They did, however, still have the same bungling tech people, a very nervous announcer who forgot to turn off his mic often, and a lot of shitty AMV's (to be precise: 2/19 AMV's were actually worth watching! The rest was just emotional crap with a lot of dizzying unnecessary effects.) The place was astoundingly big, but there were no proper indicators to point out where the different rooms were, so I mostly spent the time in the dealer room with my girlfriend, who had a stand there.

Speaking of the dealer room - it was massive. If there was one notable improvement over Almelo, it would be that. Also clearly better was the notable increase of seats in the theater room which was shockingly hard to find, despite of its size. I spent so much money in the dealer room that it made the ridiculous amount of €35 for a saturday-only ticket seem cheap, which it damn well wasn't. Getting old, I guess... I feel that may have influenced my view, so this may not be a completely fair one.

I can't say much about the outside, but from what I've read on the forum, there were indeed some grab-handy people outside. Still, the price to me wasn't worth the increase of space and awesome cosplays - if I go next year, I will be a part of the Keep In Mind stand, selling girlfriend's art and cheap Copic markers (seriously, there's no place to get them cheaper, which is awesome!)

Some cosplay pictures. 6 random shots and 2 of my own. )

More pictures soon, probably. Also a lot WITH a top on. XD


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