May. 28th, 2013

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Haven't updated in a while, and stuff happened. Mostly, I helped my girlfriend sell some stuff on the Bazaar in Beverwijk. It was my first go at attending a stand for three consecutive days, albeit 'short' days. I was still completely broken after the third day. It was good training and we got a couple of things from the 'black market', as they call it: Two awesome dragons with removable swords, new cartridges for the printer which had been failing his prints with the internet-ordered ones and a campaign setting book for D&D - Eberron. The printer actually worked fine with the new, dirt cheap ones.

Last weekend we visited a 3D-printing demo, which was surprisingly informative. Girlfriend doodled a quick Shampoo and the guy behind the stand photographed and 3D-Printed it. All with Apple gear too, I must add! Now, I've never been as big an Apple hater as I may have pretended to be (although I despise the fanboys), but that was flat-out impressive. The whole program was developed in C++, and with a KickStarter campaign, they actually managed to get funding for a device that will help people to both easily Doodle 3D-stuff and send it to a home-made printer.

The Animecon is coming up. I've got the saddening feeling that this will be the last con I will visit as an actual visitor. I'm not even really looking forward to it anymore.

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