Apr. 15th, 2013

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This weekend has been quite eventful, unfortunately a lot wasn't exactly positive. Let's start off with the more positive, and I'll gradually work my way down.

Things are going well between me and the girlfriend. I've actually never felt happier than when she's around, and am currently actually suffering from withdrawal symptoms after she leaves. this is including but not limited to the shakes, crying and generally not being able to support my own weight anymore and collapsing on the floor.

Two weeks ago my girlfriend and me checked out two cats at the shelter, and last Friday I was finally cleared to pick them up. I now have two senior cats - one of 12 and one of 17. The 17-year old is deaf and has spots in his eyes (which generally can happen with older cats and isn't necessarily a sign of sickness or anything). He's a beautiful, slightly overweight black cat with yellow eyes that sheen a little greenish in the dark. The 12-year old is equally overweight-ish and is a red/white male with pure amber eyes. They both have those enormous paws, which I really like about big cats.

They haven't found their way around my place yet and aren't as affectionate as advertised. Which left me a bit doubtful about whether they will really fit in, and subsequently made me wonder if I ever really wanted cats. I'm still hoping this is some form of still getting used to the critters, because I really want them to have a nice time while being here.

The big downer of the weekend was Thursday evening, when part of a molar broke off. It didn't hurt, so I wasn't really worried in the beginning. However, when I called the local doctor's line, it soon became clear that a LOT of political bullshit was waiting for me. You see, I live in one place, and am 'subscribed' to a dentist in another. Apparently, unless it's an actual emergency (and apparently a broken tooth doesn't count as one), they refuse to help you in a town if you're not subscribed in said town. So, being Friday, I called my own dentist, who in turn, didn't answer his phone. Instead I was advised by his answering machine to contact the doctor's line in Amsterdam. I called and was put on hold. Since I have a limited amount of funds remaining on my pre-paid card and I had cats to pick up, I decided to 'press 1 and leave a message'. They never got back to me.

In the end I'm left with the shocking realization that to the dentists of the Netherlands, I am nothing more than a cash cow, to be milked when they please. However, when the cash cow breaks a tooth (which seems to me like an excellent reason to milk some more, after all, insurance won't even cover everything, so the only loser in the process is me), he's left to rot until his tooth does so. This, incidentally is deemed emergency enough, but at this point the tooth will have to be removed as opposed to filling it, which can probably still be done now. Since I can't do that myself, here I am typing an entry with a broken tooth and the only thing I have in my mind right now is that I have to remain polite, because goddess forbid I actually get angry about this whole clown circus.

One thing's for sure though - this was my last time at my current dentist. I am subscribing to one in Amersfoort, because I don't want somwthing like this to happen ever again. Incidentally, this isn't the first time this happened - a similar event took place on the other end of my jaw. I had to wait about 4 weeks to get that fixed because my dentist was "on vacation".


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