Dec. 11th, 2012

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Woohoo! Offending people is so much fun. That is, as long as the group stays small enough, poor enough or generally uninfluential enough so that they can't cause any damage, otherwise we've always got a public statement of apology ready. It's weird how that influences our freedom of speech in so many ways. The only group you can really insult is the white middle-aged male population with no particular religion and an income under "modal", as it's called here. OH HEY! You know who belongs to that group?

Amusingly, this is also the case with murders. Or maybe I should call them public executions? Politicians - shot. Artists - threatened/stabbed. Generic white people getting beaten (Warning: Bloody and Dutch) and, recently, a LINESMAN gets BEATEN TO DEATH by BRATS! All of these people were subject of hate crimes, because they dared to utter an opinion someone opposed to. This is now enough reason to kill for.

Respect? That's something extremist groups claim, and never give, even though they don't know the fucking definition of the word. Free speech? Abolished since 19-Forever. I just wanted to get this out before the Internet goes black here in the Netherlands*. Yep, we're closing the gap between rights in Cuba, China and Syria. THE WRONG DAMN WAY! Oh, and in case you find this post to white, male, anti-religious or whatever: find a nice pointy rake and fuck yourself with it. Have a nice, unoppressed day.

*Disclaimer: This is not yet happening, but we're working on banning the next sites since TPB went down (but can of course still be reached by Proxy - See also the little pirate boat sailing in the upper right hand corner of the site).


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